The “M-Gov Award” and the “GovTech Prize” are annual awards managed by the Emirates Government Service Excellence Program (EGSEP) at the UAE Prime Minister’s Office. These awards are designed to encourage pioneering students, researchers, government agencies & institutions, private sector companies and startups to develop innovative solutions and explore new opportunities for a better future for humanity.

In its 9th edition, As part of the World Governments Summit 2024, “The GovTech Prize” was presented to government entities, central or local, worldwide to recognize creative and innovative solutions that address pressing challenges and/or create exceptional government service experiences. The award aims to recognize solutions that adopt novel approaches and techniques efficiently leveraging technology to solve problems affecting a large segment of the population and provide tangible benefits with the ability to expand geographically across borders.

The GovTech Prize 2024 recognized innovations in creating human centric government services experiences in the following categories: Educational Services, Healthcare Services, AI-Powered Government Services, and Inclusive Digital Transformation.

An independent jury team evaluated the submissions to determine the winners. The winners were announced during the World Governments Summit in Dubai on the 13th of February 2024.

Terms of Participation

  • The solution should be in a mature stage and should be adopted by at least one government entity.
  • The solution should be related to technology innovation.
  • The solution should have been developed and/or adopted recently; within the last 24 months.
  • The solution should align and/or belong to one of the categories advertised for the current year award. The categories are as follows: Educational Services, Healthcare Services, AI-Powered Government Services, and Inclusive Digital Transformation.
  • Level of innovation: measuring the adoption of novel approaches and techniques leveraging technology to provide solutions in a streamlined and more efficient manner
  • Impact: describing the ability for the solution to solve sticky problems affecting a large part of the population, providing tangible benefits
  • Maturity: evaluating the readiness and robustness of the solution and its level of adoption
  • Scalability and replicability: assessing the possible extension and adoption of the solution to broader audiences/geographies and/or other contexts
  • Sustainability: considering both the cost-effectiveness and financial viability of the solution, as well as its ecological impact and footprint.


Jury Panel




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Submission Deadline extended to 19th of January 2024 at 20:00 GMT.

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